Creative Ways To Use a Leased School Bus

Creative Ways To Use a Leased School Bus

When we think of leasing a school bus, a large fleet of buses carrying our children comes to mind. However, did you know that leasing a bus also has many other benefits? There are many creative ways to use a leased school bus, from corporate travel to non profit business trips. We’ll go over the bulk of them here, give you some ideas on how to use them, and help you decide whether you should get one. So how can you use a leased school bus? Keep reading to find out.

Start Your Own Business

Sometimes you can use your bus to help facilitate your business endeavors. Here are a few ways to get that started. Check out our list below.

Mobile Beverage Systems

If you have a company party and you’re looking for a place to put your food or buffet, you might be able to retrofit a bus to make that happen. If you have a fleet, all the better, though you can get a ton of use out of having even one bus. Imagine creating a company event and using a bus as a dining area or even a place where eventgoers can sit back and relax.

Use the Proper Equipment

You can use a bus to help you store equipment. If someone is running a large-scale event, it’s not uncommon for organizers to use buses to hold servers, lighting props, and other equipment to help keep the event organized. We’ve even seen buses retrofitted as mobile sound systems that contain everything from subwoofers to a DJ booth.

Employee Shuttle

Let’s step away from event planning for a second. An employee shuttle to get your employees to and from work is a godsend. If you notice that employees are having difficulty getting to work on time, this is a reasonable solution. This way, they have a reliable way to and from work, and you won’t have to deal with issues like traffic or other problems getting in the way.

A bus also gives employees a place to bond or even prepare their minds for the workday ahead. It’s easy to get stuck in traffic and lose your head. Imagine going to a meeting and having a tough time on the road before you get there. We’ve all been in that head space. Negative events can cause mental spirals, and you can guarantee their mindset isn’t where it needs to be.

Taking the bus helps make this issue a non-factor.

Training Your Drivers For School

Another interesting way to use a school bus is to train your drivers. They must learn how to drive using something which may not be a conventional bus in your fleet. Instead, if you invest in a used bus, you could use that extra bus as a transport mechanism to help new drivers get their feet wet. This is perfect if you want your driver to get used to a new route without taking away any other buses from your fleet that you can use to transport students to their school. Remember, driving the bus is different from driving a car and might take some time to learn. Since that’s the case, having a dedicated bus for training is best so that when your driver is ready, they can begin transporting students.

Help Students Succeed

Speaking of students, there are various programs in place that offer students a chance at a job after high school. Some non-profit organizations are creating programs that teach students how to drive school buses, so they have job prospects once they leave high school. College isn’t for everyone, and this is a perfect way to create change in the community by teaching students a trade. Trades are well known for paying handsomely, and while it may not appear to be the case, bus drivers make a pretty penny. If they can do it, you can do it too! Teaching students how to drive helps them give back to the community.

Church Bus

If you have a church or even just volunteer at one, a bus is a fantastic resource for community service projects. It’s also unique. How many people have you seen working food drives out of a leased school bus? It’s likely very few and far between. Churches participate in many community initiatives. You can send church members cross-country on missions to various church events and locations. You can even transport community members as well from one place to another.

As a School Bus

The simplest way to use a school bus is as a school bus. While this may not seem like a creative way to use your school bus at first glance, you certainly can use a school bus creatively for this purpose. You can use a few from your fleet for students with disabilities, both mental and physical. Students with autism and other disabilities may need special attention, so accommodating them with their school buses is ideal. It ensures that they get to school safely. A professionally trained driver can ensure they’re in safe hands.

You can also offer amenities on the bus that increase accessibility. Implement ramps and straps for students in wheelchairs and comfortable activity seats for people with sensory issues. For example, many people with autism and ADHD can’t touch certain things because the textures feel too strange to them.

Ultimately, there are many different ways to use a school bus. You have to let your creativity run free. Here at National Bus, we offer many school bus leasing options to make your dreams a reality. Shop National Bus today!

Creative Ways To Use a Leased School Bus
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