Why You Should Buy Your Used Buses From a Dealer

Why You Should Buy Your Used Buses From a Dealer

Today, consumers have several advantages working for them when shopping for vehicles. There are several online options, but who knows if the person behind the ad is honest? You want to ensure you’re spending your money wisely before making such a large purchase. When it comes to vehicles, a dealership is the most reputable choice, so that’s where you should go to buy your used buses. Otherwise, you risk being deceived by a trickster looking to make a quick buck. Plus, a dealership offers many benefits that you cannot get anywhere else.

Full-Body Inspection

You want your bus to seem as new as possible, much like a used car. The first thing you should inspect is the body of your used bus, as it’s a vital aspect of your buying decision. Scanning the body for rust, sturdy steps, and a robust floor assists in assessing the bus’s safety and reliability.

You should know whether you will purchase the bus you’re looking at by now. But there’s one more item to consider before you start negotiating prices: equipment upgrades. When buying used vehicles, the absence of current safety equipment can make you think twice about the purchase, even if it’s in excellent overall condition.

In most situations, features on older school buses may need to be upgraded to meet current DOT standards within your state. The used bus must have a DOT inspection before anyone can get behind the wheel safely. But buying from a knowledgeable dealership helps to ensure that the bus has any necessary updates to DOT standards and regulations. However, it is important to be sure that you know what is required of your state to determine any work that must be done to the used school bus prior to operation.

Variety of Options

Because a used bus will cost significantly less than a new bus, you may want to explore purchasing more than one bus, depending on your requirements. For example, a shuttle bus works well for transporting smaller groups between buildings or from one site to another. To transport larger groups on extended journeys, you may require a larger bus, such as a charter or a school bus.

Buying two new buses for these multiple motives might be exceedingly expensive. However, you may be able to negotiate a deal with a dealership to purchase both. At the very least, you have a variety of buses available when you shop at a dealership, so there’s no need to hop between multiple sellers to add to your fleet.  

Provides Financing

When you buy from a private seller, you must have cash on hand to make the transaction. That may not seem like a significant concern to some purchasers, but others may not have the liquid funds to continue. If you purchase from a private person, you may get a loan through a credit union or a typical financial organization.

Dealerships work with various lenders to get you the financing you need. They can lend you a helping hand to find the best interest rate by checking with multiple financial institutions.

Many lenders will refuse to supply financing if you buy from a private seller. Lenders are hesitant to take on the risk since there is no way to confirm that the seller is acting in good faith and revealing all faults with the vehicle. As a result, a dealership might be your only choice.

Maintaining Their Reputation

Reputation is paramount in the sales industry, considering no one wants to spend their money somewhere untrustworthy. Therefore, one of the benefits of buying a used bus from a dealership is that they will want to do everything to make you happy.

It only takes a few bad reviews for negative word-of-mouth to begin hurting their business. You have some extra security when buying a used vehicle from a dealer since they have a reputation to keep. 

You have a cornucopia of information from the buyer’s perspective, including reading those reviews. A single seller’s reputation is rarely common knowledge. You’re rolling the dice anytime you buy from someone mysterious. You may find a salesperson with glowing recommendations from others, reassuring you that you’re making the right choice the second you consider purchasing from them. And if you’re doing business over the Internet, ratings help paint a picture of a company or dealer with whom you may not be familiar. Local dealerships want to do everything they can to be as reputable as possible.

When you start shopping around, you hopefully now understand why you should buy your used buses from a dealer. National Bus Sales is proud to have the highest quality used buses for sale in our inventory. For over three decades, National Bus Sales has a reputation as a place you can trust when buying a new, used, or refurbished bus. Contact us today with any questions or to learn about the financing options we have available.

Why You Should Buy Your Used Buses From a Dealer
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Ben Henshaw

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