What To Avoid When Buying Refurbished School Buses

What To Avoid When Buying Refurbished School Buses

Sadly, the glitz and glam that looks beautiful on the exterior of a vehicle might be your version of the Trojan Horse. Before adding any bus to your fleet or business, you must know what to avoid when buying refurbished school buses.

Evidence of Deterioration

The first thing anyone should investigate when browsing for a school bus is rust. If the bus is deteriorating from rust, it’s a strict no-go regardless of the deal you get. Everything else is easily fixable, even if it costs a bit of money. However, a rust problem is hard to patch up, especially if you live someplace with tough winters.

Leaky Battery

Carefully inspect the battery to guarantee it still has the juice to power the bus. Any signs of leaks or corrosion indicate that you could have a lemon, particularly if there is highly visible deterioration on the bottom of the battery. 

Most of these problems could be due to the battery’s age, so it would be advantageous to figure out the age from the seller. Don’t settle for buying a used bus with a battery on its last legs unless you get the seller to knock the price down.

Checkered Past

When you buy from a dealer, they can provide you with the service history of the bus. Minor repairs here and there are common, but you don’t want to see a laundry list of repairs. If the bus you’re looking at has a history of breakdowns, repairs, and malfunctions, you should steer clear. The potential headache is not worth a possible bargain you could negotiate, especially if you want the bus hit the road immediately.

Multiple Discharges

Keep an eye out for any indications of discharge. One method is to park the bus after driving it and examine beneath it to see if there is any moisture.

If you are unfamiliar with the mechanical components of a school bus, don’t spend your time or money on a vehicle that’s leaking like a punctured water balloon. You could end up paying more for repairs than you did for the refurbished school bus.

Treadless Tires

Sometimes, it’s impossible to foresee leaks or a battery conking out. However, some red flags are as clear as day. Don’t settle for obvious faults when fixing them will likely cost a big chunk of change. It’s impossible to hide the condition of school bus tires, considering they’re out there for the world to see. Unlike buying tires for a vehicle, a school bus requires six tires, and a set of six quality tires is a price you should dodge if possible.

Knowing what to avoid when buying refurbished school buses is vital when you want to add to a fleet or need a form of transportation for your business. Buying from a quality and respected dealer like National Bus Sales ensures you will acquire the best available bus for your budget. For over 30 years, National Bus Sales has been the nation’s foremost authority on refurbished school buses. Contact us today if you’re interested—we are more than happy to help!

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson Sales/Service Director National Bus Sales

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