Common Mechanical Issues in Used School Buses

Any parent assumes their child is in safe hands when they step foot on the school bus. A used school bus is safe for children to ride on, but complications may arise. These are the most common mechanical issues in used school buses. Knowing what to look for helps prevent anything serious from happening.

An Overheating Engine

Buses usually have sophisticated engines. Yet, despite their size and strength, they are susceptible to drawbacks, like an overheating engine. If the gauge needle on the dashboard inches its way toward the danger zone, it may be time to service the engine. Hopefully, it’s only a common repair, like replacing a hose or flushing out the radiator. A more extensive repair, like replacing the thermostat, may require the bus to sit on the sidelines until it’s safe to drive again.

Dying Batteries

There’s nothing more aggravating for a committed bus driver than showing up to work, getting behind the wheel, and discovering they have a dead battery. This could lead to an enormous headache for the school district as well as for the students who are depending on reliable transportation. Taking the bus to a skilled bus technician is the best solution for fixing it as soon as possible. The mechanic can also help track whether your battery is still functional or needs a replacement.

Brake Concerns

With all the trips that school buses routinely make throughout a typical school year, it’s no coincidence that the brakes are frequently the first mechanical issue you endure. It strains the brake pads and other components that involve the braking system.

Indications such as screeching, grinding, or scraping suggest that updating or fixing the brakes on the refurbished school bus is necessary. Routine maintenance aids in preventing these concerns from causing severe problems.

Insufficient Tire Tread

Even though tire maintenance isn’t technically a mechanical issue, it’s a common problem with operating used school buses. Low tire tread is exceptionally noteworthy for buses in less-than-ideal weather and road conditions.

A tire blowing out is disastrous because the driver loses complete control of the vehicle, leading to an accident that may result in a serious injury. Therefore, guaranteeing that your ride has adequate tires with plenty of tread left prevents catastrophe.

Handling the common mechanical issues in used school buses is something National Bus ensures before you walk away with one of our vehicles. Browse our inventory, and we’re happy to assist you in any way to help you find the bus you want today.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson Sales/Service Director National Bus Sales

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