3 Benefits of Leasing a New or Used School Bus

If you’re considering getting a school bus fleet, one of the biggest decisions is whether to lease or buy. While they both have their benefits, we still must ask ourselves which we should choose. The answer is clearer than you think. Check out the benefits of leasing a new or used school bus here.

Better Budgeting

Financing your fleet means lower up-front costs. It’s a useful way to save money if you would rather not pay all at once. It also gives you the ability to pay low monthly payments over time. Overall, financing is a great way to help manage your money while leasing a bus. This is a key benefit of leasing your new or used school bus: you’ll keep more money in your pocket.

More Options

Leasing your fleet also gives you options for your “end game.” When it’s time to return the bus, you get to decide to renew the lease—which may be better for your budget—or buy it outright. This is perfect for “trying out” various buses so you can buy, own, or continue to lease down the line. Leasing is a great way of “testing the waters.” It helps you determine what kind of new or pre-owned school bus you want and if you want to own it or swap it for a new one.

Updated Fleets

If you buy one, you’ll likely end up keeping your fleet for 9 to 12 years. You’ll also be less likely to update them. Your technology will quickly become outdated as technological advancements lead to new improvements. For instance, electric school buses are beginning to shape our technological landscape. This cuts down on gas fees tremendously. Buying a new bus every few years can be expensive, so you’ll likely keep what you have and won’t feel compelled to update. Leasing, however, puts new options in front of you that you can enjoy.

In short, leasing your bus has a ton of benefits. It saves money and keeps your fleet updated. Here at National Bus, we pride ourselves on our fleets. Shop National Bus now and check out more sales and options for you!

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw Sales Manager National Bus Sales

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