3 Tips for Cleaning Interior School Bus Surfaces

3 Tips for Cleaning Interior School Bus Surfaces

School buses must be pristine before every trip, especially with children coming in and out on a regular basis. Germs and viruses tend to attach to the surfaces of the bus, so disinfecting the interior is paramount. Use these three tips for cleaning interior bus surfaces to eliminate any germs left behind.

Gather the Essentials

Collect the necessary cleaning and disinfection materials and equipment. If dilution of the solution is required, carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions. You should always wash your hands thoroughly and wear effective personal protective equipment.

It’s crucial to have protection because you don’t know how your body or skin will react to certain chemical solutions. Once the solution is complete, check the bus’s interior and make a mental note of any abnormalities such as shattered windows, ripped seats, or stained flooring.

Start Cleaning High and Finish Low

Remove loose garbage from the floor using a broom. Use a hand brush to reach typically hard-to-reach areas and beneath seats. Go through one more time, starting from the back of the bus, and vacuum anywhere you can reach. Once all the large pieces of debris are in a pile, scoop and dispense them in a waste bin.

Your cleaning strategy should go from high to low. That means cleaning the less filthy sections first and leaving the heavily soiled areas for last. This strategy limits redundant cleaning, considering that you can get anything you knock down when you focus on the lower portion.

Another critical tip is never dapping a dirty cloth in a clean solution. It’s counterintuitive to wipe surfaces with rags full of dirty solutions. Your next course of action is to spray the disinfectant solution all over the seats, railings, and anywhere else with a high traffic volume.

Once you’re satisfied with the level of cleanliness, it’s time to put the finishing touches on and use window cleaner on the interior portions of the window. Children tend to leave fingerprints all over the windows, so that effort alone may take some time. And the exclamation point on your cleaning mission is mopping and letting the floor dry naturally. This should give the bus a more pleasant aroma than the dirt and grime.

Safe Clean-Up

After completing the job, remove the gloves and thoroughly wash your hands to confirm that no leftover cleaning substance is left on your skin. Assess the completed job and cross-check it with your checklist. If everything looks good, you can gather the excess garbage and toss it away.

At this point, you can use electronic resources to check your work or further zap the germs with UV technology. You can never be too sure about your cleaning efforts, especially when it transports a large number of students twice a day.

Following these three rules or cleaning interior school bus surfaces prevents students from catching unwanted viruses. A refurbished school bus from National Bus Sales is worth adding to your school bus fleet. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee you that it’s in great condition and that it will satisfy your needs.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

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