3 Safety Tips While Operating an Ultra Coachliner

Anyone who travels daily is all too aware of the dozens of obstacles and road dangers. The hazardous nature of driving is especially true on highways, where high speeds add complexity and the number of motorists increases. Luxury bus drivers bear an enormous obligation to bring you to your destination in one piece. Thus, following these three safety tips while operating an Ultra Coachliner helps keep everyone safe on the road.

Anticipate the Actions of Others

Being behind the wheel of an Ultra Coachliner requires drivers to control what they are doing and anticipate the actions of those around them. Any Ultra Coachliner operator must have their head on a swivel and predict what other motorists will do around them. Tunnel vision tends to cause some drivers problems, leading them to not see a certain vehicle trying to pass them.

You may realize that a car is on the verge of coming into your lane, so slowing down to let them in helps keep everyone safe. Additionally, seeing lane closure signage prepares you to get over if needed. You can complete lane shift without much of a problem by anticipating it early.

Stay Within the Speed Limit

Generally, anyone behind the wheel of a motor vehicle should abide by the posted speed limit. However, that’s wishful thinking, considering many drivers look at the speed limit as a suggestion rather than a strict law. Ultra Coachliner drivers will always hover around the limit to stay on the safe side of things because maintaining the safety of their passengers is the most vital aspect of the job.

Besides regulating their speed, Ultra Coachliner drivers must have a strong understanding of controlling these larger vehicles accordingly. Having experience before stepping foot on an Ultra Coachliner will help you feel in complete control, so it’s advantageous to drive some practice runs before your first voyage.

Adapt to the Current Conditions

The adage “adapt or die” has been around seemingly forever. While the phrase doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change or risk death, there is some wisdom behind the saying. An Ultra Coachliner driver needs to adapt to certain conditions like shifting weather.

Whether it’s rain, snow, or fog, the best drivers adapt their driving to accommodate the inclement weather. That may include slowing down, allowing extra room between cars, or turning on their headlights. Whatever the necessary safety measure is, the operators who are the best of the best never compromise safety for their convenience.

A driver using these three safety tips while operating an Ultra Coachliner will help passengers fully enjoy the amenities of this luxury bus. For over 30 years, National Bus has been offering the best buses on the market, and our Ultra Coachliner is truly in a class of its own. If you are curious about adding the Ultra Coachliner to your fleet, contact us today!

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis General Manager National Bus Sales

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