3 Tips for Improving the Lifespan of Your Used Bus

3 Tips for Improving the Lifespan of Your Used Bus

Getting the most out of your investment is always the end game for a major purchase. No one wants to buy something and let it become a shell of itself. A used school bus is a reliable asset with the proper maintenance. Follow these three tips for improving the lifespan of your used bus to get the best results.

Consistently Change Your Oil & Filters

Staying on top of oil changes has been ingrained in your mind ever since you got your first car. Doing so keeps the engine humming so you can cruise without a care in the world. A used bus needs the same treatment, albeit on a different schedule.

You should get the oil changed for your bus every 6,000 miles, and synthetic oil changes around 10,000 miles. However, you may hit some benchmarks before the mileage. Things like engine hours and gallons of fuel also matter, so it’s crucial not to overlook those figures when you are wondering whether you should get your oil changed.

Lastly, don’t forget about the filters because they keep things running smoothly. Typically, an oil filter is part of the oil change, but you may have to ask specifically about a new air filter. Oil and gas filters prevent sediments from affecting your engine, while air filters provide clean air when operating the vehicle.

Don’t Delay Repairs

Delaying repairs might cause more harm to the bus and your financial well-being. While it may be an inconvenience to take your bus in for repairs, driving with a faulty water pump may cause your engine to overheat. Similarly, you run the risk of your brakes going out if you choose to ignore screeching brakes. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late and you can’t stop. React swiftly to any signs your used bus is giving you. It’s always better to overreact than underreact when it comes to maintenance. 

Drive Safely

Controlling your road rage is an integral part of driving. Not only does it help your mental well-being, but it helps the lifespan of your bus as well. Unsteady and frequent braking and acceleration damage the vehicle by putting stress and pressure on parts, causing them to break prematurely.

If you have a used bus, be sure to take care of regular maintenance needs before planning a trip to any destination. If you drive a school bus transporting children, their health is paramount, so keep your cool. 

Employing these three tips for improving the lifespan of your used bus guarantees that your ride will last well past its expiration date. Finding a reputable bus dealer like National Bus Sales helps ease your mind because you know you’re getting a quality vehicle. We also sell replacement parts, filters, and everything you need to stay on top of maintaining your bus. We have satisfied our customers for over 30 years, so reach out today!


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