Common Misconceptions About Used School Buses

Common Misconceptions About Used School Buses

Purchasing a bus is a serious investment. It’s imperative that you find a vehicle that fits within the budget, meets your needs, and is readily available. While buying a new bus seems exciting, a more strategic approach is necessary when going with a used school bus.

There are several common misconceptions about used school buses that can scare away buyers. Read on to explore the myths about the quality of the school buses and the purchasing roadblocks that could make businesses hesitate to buy one.

“There Are No Other Uses for a School Bus”

Even when a school bus is no longer transporting children to and fro from school, many companies can utilize them in innovative ways. A school bus is a multi-purpose vehicle with nearly limitless potential.

Some have kept the theme of education, turning a bus into a school on wheels and teaching students in a personalized daycare center. Restaurateurs sometimes transform used buses into food trucks, considering the durability of a school bus goes unmatched.

Many businesses should realize there are plenty of good reasons to choose this vehicle—particularly because there is no other vehicle on the market like it. A school bus can do about anything, whether it’s transporting churchgoers or offering clients and employees transportation. Additionally, a school bus has accessibility features for anyone to get on and off easily. You won’t need to customize or spend more money on something that a school bus already showcases.

“There Are No Good Deals Available”

One might think that there is a limited supply of used school buses for sale since they’re more unusual than a standard vehicle or truck. Quite the contrary, however—a simple web search can prove that buses are plentiful!

You may find the perfect bus at the price you’re willing to pay but find it’s in another part of the country. Luckily, many dealers work with a buyer to find a friendly compromise with shipping costs that pleases both sides. Therefore, if a local search yields minimal results, it might be advantageous to broaden your pursuit.

“Used Means Old and Broke”

Typically, when someone hears the word “used,” they gravitate toward the idea that it’s poorly maintained or not working correctly. Fortunately, that isn’t the case when you buy a used school bus from a dealership.

If an offer from a random online ad appears to be too good to be true, the chances are it is. Unfortunately, dealing with an individual exposes you to several risks, whereas a dealership guarantees the sale, assuring any qualms you have.

Furthermore, dealerships employ expert technicians who provide used buses with the necessary maintenance before making them available.  Who knows whether that lone vendor even touched it? Ultimately, dealers will have all the legalities and paperwork taken care of, making the transaction quick and uncomplicated. It’s always best to go with a dealership rather than a random seller.

“There’s No Point in This Investment”

The same people who think used school buses are on their last legs might feel there is no reason to invest in an asset that could break down at any second. Following a preventative maintenance schedule makes your investment count because it keeps you ahead of any problems.

Dependable performance is more desirable than a perfect paint job or low mileage. You can’t afford to have your vehicle break down when you need it the most. Performing regular maintenance checkups for your bus eliminates surprises. If you establish a servicing relationship with the dealership where you purchase your bus, you should be able to avoid any complications. 

“A Warranty Is a Waste of Money”

We all have had the experience of receiving a warranty offer after a significant purchase. Generally, we say no before the worker even finishes their little spiel. Nevertheless, an investment as substantial as a bus makes a warranty worth considering.

Obtaining protection on a large purchase helps you rest easy if any difficulties arise. The first contract may be brief, but you can prolong it if the dealer agrees to specific terms. Given that the dealer is often eager to close the deal, there shouldn’t be much negotiating. Furthermore, if they decline an extended warranty, it might indicate that they don’t believe in their maintenance work.

“I Need To Wait for the Opportune Season To Buy”

Sometimes, there is a better time to buy things than right now. For example, the best time to shop for Christmas decorations for the following year is the week after Christmas ends. The same goes for Halloween candy the day after trick-or-treating. However, this concept of an opportune buying season does not apply to school buses because there is no significant peak or dip in bus sales throughout the year.

Transportation providers must replace old buses at all times of the year, and there is no assurance that you will receive a better rate in the summer than you would in the fall. The only seasonal aspect that might impact the date of your bus purchase is your mechanic’s assessment of whether your current bus will make it through the harsh winter weather.

“It’s Too Much of the Budget”

When it comes to purchasing secondhand vehicles, having the funds readily available makes it easier. Some bus dealers and individual sellers may only accept the full payment, reducing your chances of completing the transaction. Fortunately, financing is a method of bridging money constraints that many used bus dealers provide.

You might be able to combine the sales agreement with a trade-in, a loan, a service plan, and a buy-back guarantee. These plans would make your bus purchase more akin to a lease. Regardless of the barriers, both parties should be able to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both.

Debunking these common misconceptions about used school buses proves that they are as affordable and dependable as any other vehicle. Our team at National Bus Sales dedicates themselves to providing you with the best bus parts and service available.

For over 30 years, we have provided full-service fleet maintenance, engine and drive train replacement, paint and body repair, and other services to bus owners. Our professional mechanics and service personnel can handle your needs whether you schedule an appointment or come by our facilities.

Common Misconceptions About Used School Buses
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