4 Benefits of Purchasing a Used School Bus

4 Benefits of Purchasing a Used School Bus

You might not think of buying something used when replacing a vehicle that has broken down. However, there are several reasons why this should be on the top of your list. These are four benefits of purchasing a used school bus.


Buying a new bus may be more thrilling, but that enthusiasm wears off fast when you make your payment. The more economically friendly solution is purchasing a used bus. A refurbished school bus comes at a fraction of the price and can be a wonderful addition if you want to customize one or build a fleet. 

The most crucial element behind why used buses are cost-efficient compared to newer ones is depreciation. A new bus loses upwards of 10 percent of its value after you purchase it. Over a year, it might lose a quarter of its worth.

On the other hand, used buses don’t depreciate as quickly. As a result, you may expect to reclaim a higher percentage of your original investment if you ever need to resell your secondhand bus.

Variety of Options

When you’re looking for a school bus, you’ll have a wide range of possibilities from which to choose. You may be able to afford more than one bus if you buy a used one rather than a new one because of the lower cost. This fact is particularly important if you need multiple buses to start a fleet. Buses come in a range of models, much like cars. By getting used buses, you could get different types for various purposes as well.

Swift Delivery

Depending on your preferences, you may be able to buy a pre-owned bus right away and be on the road in no time. It may take up to a year for a new bus to arrive since many of them require customized features. Most people don’t want to wait a year. Therefore, it’s best to buy a restored bus rather than wait. Even if you upgrade the bus yourself, you may take less than a month to get behind the wheel, which is better than a year. Thus, a used bus is ideal when you want swift delivery. 


Labor shortages, plant closures, and shipping difficulties have impacted the global supply chain, resulting in a shortage of the parts and equipment required to build new vehicles. While the bus industry hasn’t quite encountered as significant parts shortages as those that the automotive and trucking sectors have experienced, some bus manufacturers are beginning to have difficulties acquiring certain parts.

These four benefits of purchasing a used school bus offer more than enough reasons to look at National Bus Sales for pre-owned school buses. With over 30 years of experience, our expert team will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect ride!

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw Sales Manager National Bus Sales

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