8 Most Sought-After Features Available in a Luxury Bus

8 Most Sought-After Features Available in a Luxury Bus

Luxury travel demands the best of the best. Although traveling by bus typically isn’t the most extravagant style of transportation, there are many upgrades to modern buses that seek to change this image. These are the eight most sought-after features available in a luxury bus.

Number One: Wi-Fi

What once was a rarity is becoming a modern expectation. Passengers can be infinitely entertained when they have access to the internet. Wi-Fi also allows guests to multitask and get some work done, whether it’s business or personal.

This feature is a necessity for any coach bus, especially a luxury coach bus. Luckily, these days it’s easy to provide fast and reliable internet access. Satellite internet is becoming faster, more accessible, and cheaper to use.

Number Two: Comfortable Seats

No matter where they’re heading, passengers on a luxury coach bus expect a cozy ride. Luxury buses have comfortable, padded seats that recline and have pull-down tray tables and armrests. The customers won’t be disappointed.

With standard motorcoaches, the seats typically feature a wild, patterned fabric and basic foam cushions. Unfortunately, this is not enough to help most people stay comfortable for extended rides. However, people riding on luxury buses often are grateful for seats with layers of multiple densities of memory foam with lumbar support. Although it seems small, this difference is perfect for passengers who have a hard time fully relaxing when traveling.

Number Three: Chargers or a Power Outlet

It would be unfortunate to have Wi-Fi access but no way to keep a device charged. Even if a passenger isn’t seeking entertainment, they still may need to edit a presentation or collaborate with colleagues.

Luckily, luxury buses take care of this by providing ways for you to charge your phone or tablet. Some only have options for a USB charger, but others may have a traditional outlet that you can plug your laptop into. Having the opportunity to power a device is a necessity for passengers. Even if guests don’t use their electronics, they will still appreciate arriving with their devices fully charged and prepared for their day ahead.

Number Four: Spaciousness

Longtime air travelers have noticed that traveling by plane has become a lot like traveling by standard motorcoach. Perhaps it’s not an accident that one of the largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft is named “Airbus.” Planes and most buses both seat six per aisle with cramped seats, shared armrests, and precious little leg room. This consolidation of the travel market has left a niche for buses to fill by providing the sorts of spatial amenities most people can’t find at 35,000 feet anymore. Luxury buses restore the spaciousness and comfort we used to associate with the skies by seating only four per row over fewer rows than most coaches. Most luxury buses seat 14 rows of four plus a lavatory for 54 seats of comfortable riding. You may even get to enjoy more than one inch of reclining, too.

Number Five: Beverages and Snacks

No luxury service would be complete without complimentary refreshments and food. Although it’s simple, it goes a long way in providing great customer service. Even if it’s something simple, like a packet of nuts or an apple, having food available makes a big difference for hungry passengers.

Some people might not have brought enough food with them. Or maybe they’re craving a particular type of drink during the ride. Providing such comforts will make their ride pleasant and memorable—some buses even have an onboard beverage center. Sipping on a glass of wine or a cup of coffee is hugely comforting for many people. It can be the difference between a five-star review and a poor one.

Depending on the quality of your complimentary refreshments, or if you have any at all, passengers might even choose another company for their next trip. You don’t want to lose customers, so having drinks and snacks is a great way to improve their experience.

Number Six: Video and Entertainment Packages

Smartphones and tablets have allowed passengers to keep themselves entertained on long trips. However, not all entertainment has to be personal. Luxury buses feature television screens that allow riders to enjoy a movie together—just like the in-flight movies that airlines offer, but with better selection, of course. Shared entertainment options allow groups to watch programming that may be relevant to their destination. Chartering a trip to New York for a Broadway show? Play some of the best Hollywood adaptations of classic musicals to get everyone in the spirit. Riding a bus is a shared experience. Make movie-watching a shared experience, too.

Number Seven: Clean Restroom and Bathroom Essentials

A moving lavatory is one of last resort—most passengers would sooner wait to stop somewhere. Of course, even most freestanding facilities on your journey are last resorts, too. The lavatory on a luxury bus, while small, may still surprise you with how clean and well-appointed it is. Just because the bathroom isn’t in a hotel room doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have some complimentary travel-sized products available for use. Guests will be delighted when they enter the restroom and see things like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, and facial towelettes—little things we forget to pack but find ourselves needing in transit. Good luck finding those free amenities waiting for you at the gas station.

Number Eight: Plenty of Onboard Luggage Space

Onboard storage space is usually extremely limited while traveling. However, this is precisely one of the most sought-after features available in a luxury bus. There’s more available overhead storage, along with under-belly pass-through storage for large items. Guests can safely store luggage or large souvenirs in the exterior luggage bays and their laptop or books in the overhead storage. No one wants a cluttered space while traveling, after all. In addition, passengers will feel safer knowing that their valuables are secure. Best of all, travelers can pack more than a light backpack without having to confront the onerous baggage fees that attend air travel today.

Because luxury buses provide the features we’ve mentioned in this article, they stand out as exemplary modes of travel. Guests appreciate the extra effort that coach bus companies put into providing the best customer service available.

8 Most Sought-After Features Available in a Luxury Bus
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