How To Properly Care for a Luxury Bus

How To Properly Care for a Luxury Bus

The best strategy for maintaining an asset is to be proactive and practice preventative measures. You need to follow a set of guidelines to keep everything about your bus up to snuff. These tips let you know how to properly care for a luxury bus, so you can get the most out of your coachliner for years to come.

Daily and Professional Inspections

Getting behind the wheel of your ride and assuming everything is a-okay is easy—but it’s not safe. Daily inspections ensure a minor issue doesn’t bubble over into a significant complication.

Before your shift starts, inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any red flags. Items on your inspection list should include the lights, tires, signals, brakes, and seatbelts. Guarantee functionality to keep you and your passengers safe.

Other than personal daily inspections, your luxury bus must get scheduled inspections from professionals. Most of the problems a driver notices are apparent and don’t require you to be a mechanical genius. However, a professional specialist notices when things might go south quickly. For example, a mechanic may see that your brake pads or rotors are wearing thin, which are problems that you might not even notice.

Have Replacement Parts on Hand

A parked bus causes major problems. It can cause schedule conflicts that disrupt your customers and drivers. Your bus depot needs to have several tires, batteries, and other general items on hand, reducing the time wasted on repairs. Providing drivers with a tool kit helps them do repairs.

Don’t Put Off Minor Problems

Imagine it’s winter and you identify one of your tires has low air pressure. You note it in your daily inspection, but put it out of your mind since you have other tasks to do. As the day moves along, the underinflated tire hits a pothole and pops. Suddenly, that small problem you ignored has turned into something much worse.

When you see a corner, you must handle it immediately rather than putting it off for later or making it someone else’s problem. There isn’t a shortcut when it comes to safety and caring for you and your passengers.

So Fresh & So Clean

Everything feels better when it’s clean, and it’s no different when it comes to the cleanliness of the bus. After going through the maintenance checks, wipe and disinfect the bus to remove germs on the seats, poles, and windows. In addition to your daily wipe-downs, deep clean the bus every month so it’ll look and smell great.

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