3 Benefits of Buying a Used School Bus for Your Daycare

3 Benefits of Buying a Used School Bus for Your Daycare

Care, safety, and positive experience are all at the forefront of childcare businesses. Although kids spend most of the time inside the daycare facility, there are times when they might need a ride elsewhere. Instead of renting a vehicle every time the business needs one, it may be worthwhile to purchase one. Here are three main benefits of buying a used school bus for your daycare.

Student Shuttle

Offering rides to and from school is a huge benefit for parents and can increase your enrollment before school. Providing a shuttle to and from daycare is a perfect perk to add to your services. Kids will learn how to ride a bus, and parents will relish the free time they gain.

Shuttles are safe to transport loved ones and provide structure to their days. No parent ever has to worry about making sure the car seat is set up or if they have gas in their tanks. In addition, by transporting kids to and from daycare, you assure that they will all get to where they need to be on time.

Field Trips

The occasional field trip could be the highlight of a kid’s year. However, coordinating field trips can be a hassle when kids need to ride in multiple cars with parent volunteers or staff members. In addition, a vehicle full of kids could lead to a messy clean-up afterward.

One of the benefits of buying a used school bus for your daycare is that you don’t need to worry about coordinating with different drivers. Instead, everyone loads up into one bus, making it easy to keep all kids accounted for.

Marketing and Professionalism

In tandem with both the first and second benefits, a shuttle that boasts your daycare’s logo or related decals provides passive exposure and exudes competence to your current patrons. This shows parents that your business is booming, reliable, and experts in the industry.

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Mike Curtis

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