How To Properly Disinfect Your School Bus

How To Properly Disinfect Your School Bus

Parents take solace in knowing that their kids are safely riding on a school bus. Safety precautions include cleaning and disinfecting the bus to prevent germs from spreading. Learning how to properly disinfect your school bus guarantees that the children don’t come home with anything other than homework.

Disinfect After Every Trip

Get into the habit of disinfecting the school bus after every trip. Even if the bus is only transporting the driver and a handful of passengers, germs will stay on the surface and spread to future patrons. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and consistent cleaning and disinfecting minimizes the risk of a virus spreading.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Working with potent chemicals requires you to wear personal protective equipment. Wearing gloves and eyewear when wiping and scrubbing the bus prevents these vital elements from damaging your skin. Plus, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth limits the possibility of inhaling toxic fumes.

Use Suitable Substitutes

Certain disinfecting chemicals can be challenging to find, especially when they are in high demand. Therefore, you might have to make some substitutions if you’re in a pinch. Denatured alcohol is an acceptable replacement, and it’s usually in stock at your local hardware store or retailer.

Wipe Away Bleach

Bleach is a valuable resource for cleaning because it kills virtually anything on exterior surfaces. However, bleach destroys anything it touches if left on the surface too long. Once you apply bleach to an area, use clean water to remove any bleach before that area begins to lose its color.

Clean the Bus Before Disinfecting It

Bleach and other disinfecting tools aren’t as effective if you don’t clean the area first. Thus, do your basic cleaning routine before bringing out the big guns to vanquish any leftover pathogens.

Bus Purification System

Disinfecting a bus the old-fashioned way with some elbow grease isn’t always entirely effective. That’s why investing in a bus purification systemis worthwhile. The system can cleanse the air within the cabin rather than just cleaning the surfaces inside the bus. This filtration unit traps 99.97 percent of airborne particles, effectively controlling allergens, bacteria, and viruses. The purification system is located externally, so the bus will still remain quiet while the system is running.

Looking for a New Ride?

Knowing how to properly disinfect your school bus is more crucial than ever, and it keeps everyone onboard safe. If you are looking to add used buses for salefor your school bus fleet, check out our selection at National Bus. For over 30 years, we have been a premier supplier for new and used buses, and we’ll be happy to work with you every step of the way.

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