Can Your School District Save by Buying Used School Buses?

Can Your School District Save by Buying Used School Buses?

Organizations are always looking for ways to stretch their budgets. And when it comes to the educational system, cutting costs can mean losing valuable staff, programs, and activities. But there are other solutions. Can your school district save by buying used school buses? It’s definitely a strategy you should consider for several reasons.

They Have Many More Miles to Go

School buses get retired at a predetermined age, and not because they have mechanical problems. On average in the United States, we remove buses from their routes after about 12 years. Investing in new buses gives students the latest safety features and technology. But don’t count used buses out entirely. You can find a wide array of buses at different price points, depending on mileage and condition. And they have a lot of life left in them.

Their Potential Uses Are Limitless

Many schools take advantage of pre-owned buses for activities like STEM. Pre-owned buses can make it possible to recruit new students by expanding their routes or adding pickup services from public transportation. They can also help add community outreach programs, like mobile cafes that can supply free lunches to students who need them. A mini school bus might be more appropriate for many applications.

The Prices Are Dramatically Lower

A pre-owned school bus will have depreciated significantly. Depending on variables, new school buses can cost between $90,000 and $290,000. Can your school district save by buying used school buses? Consider the numbers. You can find many used buses for sale that are between $30,000 and $50,000. Just keep in mind that a lower price upfront usually means that you can anticipate more maintenance costs. Your budget needs to include realistic estimates for operating expenses and maintenance appropriate for a pre-owned model.

Warranties Back Driving Performance

National Bus Sales offers optional reconditioning services so you can feel confident driving the bus immediately. Many of our pre-owned school buses have exceptional warranty support. Some models have:

  • An existing manufacturer warranty
  • A two-year drivetrain warranty
  • An additional warranty backed by our dealership’s Quality Guarantee

If you need a commercial warranty, we offer them for all school buses that are 10 years old or newer.

Take a look at National Bus’s online selection, or contact us at (800) 475-1439. Our specialized sales managers can find a used bus in our inventory that meets your requirements. We can deliver your bus to you anywhere in the country. Trust us for our more than 30 years of experience and high standards.

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw Sales Manager National Bus Sales

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