5 Things To Look Out for When Buying a Used School Bus

5 Things To Look Out for When Buying a Used School Bus

Even if you are knowledgable about a lot of things, you’re probably not an expert on used buses. You don’t have to be. If you can find a dealership with experience and great reviews, they’ll help guide you to a wise purchase. While you’re comparing vehicles, consider these five things to look out for when buying a used school bus.

Service History

The bus’s mileage will be a big factor in your decision. The bus’s history will hint at any problem areas to inspect if buying the bus as-is. Going with a dealer that offers full-service reconditioning and inspections, will let you know which parts have already been replaced, or which ones are due for replacements soon.

A Rust Problem

You should inspect the body, engine, and other critical spots. But while some issues are obvious, it’s hard to determine how much rust is too much. It’ll spread, so don’t ignore it. If you’re seriously thinking about a pre-owned bus, you should definitely consider a rust-free southern bus that has been blacktop driven. Buses from the Northern United States are typically exposed to more sand, salt and snow that speed up the progression of rust.

Worn-Out Tires

A used bus might seem like it’s well priced, but ask about the depth of the tire tread. If they need to be replaced soon, you can mentally add on a few thousand dollars. Don’t forget to ask your salesperson to check for uneven wear and if their service department can determine the cause.

Hidden Costs

If you haven’t realistically estimated what it costs to operate and maintain a bus, you need to add it up. Your budget should include the ongoing expenses of taking care of a used vehicle. The price upfront is dramatically lower than a new model. But maintenance isn’t cheap, and there are bound to be some surprises. Consult government guidelines to find out if your bus needs any modifications before it can hit the road.

A Suspiciously Low Price

Here’s one thing to look out for when buying a used school bus: an extreme bargain. Too good to be true? Probably. If you’re with an informal seller who’s pushing you to buy, press pause. However, when “other buyers are interested” or “this price is only good for today,” be wary and practice due diligence. It is important in the post COVID world to move fast because of the shortages caused by labor, parts, materials, and equipment. It is also important to follow this list of things to look for when buying a used school bus, to ensure that everything meets your expectations.

A reputable bus dealer doesn’t mind taking the time to answer your questions. At National Bus Sales, we’ve learned that the best way to keep buyers coming back is to be straightforward and fair. Shop our online selection or contact us with your specifications. National Bus will deliver your bus to you anywhere in the country. And we know it’ll be a great buy.

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw

Ben Henshaw Sales Manager National Bus Sales

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