Three Top Reasons To Buy a Bus for Your Church

Three Top Reasons To Buy a Bus for Your Church

If a church wants to grow, it doesn’t have the luxury of taking a “But we’ve always done it that way” approach. To keep moving forward, you need to be able to transport your congregation wherever they can be of service. These are three of the best reasons to buy a bus for your church, but there’s no doubt you’ll find endless ways to put it to use.

1. To Get Parishioners To Church

People might be curious about your services but have no way to visit. Cars break down. Aging congregants have a hard time getting around. But if the church has a bus at its disposal, it can arrange for regular routes to deliver worshippers to services and back home again. A larger vehicle makes it easier to transport anyone with disabilities, and new customizations can make it much less of a hassle. Church members can get to know each other on the ride.

2. To Interact More With the Community

Your church may have all kinds of ideas for outreach projects: youth events, food drives, meal deliveries, and assisting any neighbor in need. With a bus, your group can travel together with all your supplies and go anywhere. Of course, you can use the transportation for recreational activities like taking your choir on the road for local concerts. Knowing that you have your own bus, you can plan well ahead without worrying about renting or arranging rides.

3. To Create Awareness

You can customize your bus with vinyl wrapping or a paint job with your church’s name and logo. When your community sees your church bus regularly around town, they won’t need to be told about the good work you do. They won’t need an invitation through the mail to visit. A bus is a mobile representative of your congregation. Your mission isn’t to stay in place. It’s to expand and welcome newcomers, too.

The best reasons to buy a bus for your church are about bringing people together. To connect with the community, sometimes you need to meet them halfway—or more. If you’re not sure you need a full-sized coach bus, you can look into a new or used shuttle bus for sale to ensure the church budget can accommodate it. At National Bus Sales, we’ve seen how group transportation can increase any church’s potential. Contact us to learn more about our inventory. We can deliver anywhere in the country.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis General Manager National Bus Sales

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