Top Ways That Campuses Can Benefit From New Shuttle Buses

Top Ways That Campuses Can Benefit From New Shuttle Buses

Colleges and universities are not easy to navigate. Most campuses are sprawling with buildings and dormitories and growing even larger. Many paths are restricted to foot traffic, and parking is sparse or distant. Not all students can afford cars. But the administration can help with more flexible transport. These are the top ways that campuses can benefit from new shuttle buses.

Expanded Routes

Some housing is considerably distant from the campus, creating a large demographic of commuters. But schools can free up parking and preserve peace on pathways by adding routes and stops to accommodate more far-flung locations. Those with cars will find it easier to leave them at home with free shuttle service.

Disabled Transport

Students, faculty, visitors, and more have mobility impairments that limit their access to campus. While the school likely has some transport system in place, passengers with disabilities don’t have a lot of choices. Established schedules aren’t always convenient. Even one more wheelchair-accessible bus with the latest safety features can make a dramatic difference.

Increased Productivity

Buses increasingly come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity so passengers can do some last-minute studying or plug in their laptops. Video monitors are an opportunity to broadcast campus announcements, news, and weather.

School Breaks

It can be difficult for many students to travel back home for breaks at Thanksgiving, the holidays, and in the spring. Without a car or shared ride, they have to pay for a cab to the airport and a flight home. Often, they just decide to stay on campus. But if there are enough students who come from specific towns and cities, a “break shuttle” service is a morale-boosting solution.

Tuition is expensive, and transportation is often a problem. But campuses can benefit from new shuttle buses in ways that are useful for everyone. Even scouting out a used shuttle bus for sale can expand your routes to all corners of the campus. Whatever your budget, National Bus Sales can give you options. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and we can deliver a bus to you.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

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