Top 5 Tips on Starting a Profitable Bus Tour Business

Top 5 Tips on Starting a Profitable Bus Tour Business

Do you have a passion for your hometown and a knack for storytelling? You can combine your strengths and make some money, too, with these top 5 tips on starting a profitable bus tour business.

5. Fill a Need

Name a destination, and there are likely tourists who aren’t sure where to start exploring. You can help provide an overview of your city by introducing them to spots they’ll want to return to in the future. Additionally, for older people and visitors with disabilities, your bus might be the only way they can see the sights. If you notice a demographic that seems underserved, jump in with a solution.

4. Focus on Your Passion

If there are other bus tours in town, you want yours to stand out. You can garner good reviews with high-quality service, but you can get more attention with a specialized theme. Do you have a passion for a certain aspect of your city? Your customers will pick up on it as you give a guided tour with special knowledge and enthusiasm. A few examples for inspiration include:

  • Historical sites
  • Significant architecture
  • Haunted locations and cemeteries
  • Celebrity homes
  • Food tastings

3. Customize Your Bus

Want to do it right? Invest in a luxury tour bus for sale, and your customers will be happy to pay more for comfort, convenience, and longer trips. That said, if you don’t have the budget to go big, you can start with something as humble as a pre-owned shuttle bus outfitted with a sound system that’s up to the task. Further, make sure you have enough accessible equipment for an inclusive crowd. And if you spend a little extra on plush, roomy seating, it should pay dividends.

2. Maximize Your Profits

You don’t have to offer anything fancy, but tourists will appreciate any food or drinks for sale. Additionally, small souvenirs of their trip are often irresistible impulse buys, and the extra money can add up quickly.

1. Expand When Ready

The top tip on starting a profitable bus tour business is to scale it at the right time. That’s what can transform it from a side hustle to a thriving career. Build your fleet gradually, though, so you can ensure the high level of service that made you a small-business success in the first place remains consistent. You can experiment with different kinds of buses with different amenities, so tourists have a variety of price points to choose from. Furthermore, take the time to thoroughly train new employees you can trust.

If you want to find the perfect bus for your tour company, National Bus has a large selection of new and preowned vehicles. We work with buyers all over the country and have more than 30 years of experience. Let us help set you up for success.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis General Manager National Bus Sales

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