Mobile Marketing: The Benefits of Bus Wraps

Mobile Marketing: The Benefits of Bus Wraps

Consumers have learned to fast-forward through commercials and avoid pop-up ads. So how do you get the word out about your business? Advertising is evolving in many ways, and mobile marketing is here to stay. Learn about the benefits of vinyl wrapping your bus Is this the best way to phrase it? Locally, and with all the customers I talk to, the phrase is “vinyl bus wrap” not “vinyl wrapping” to see if it’s a solution for you.

What’s a Bus Wrap?

These large semi-permanent adhesive vinyl designs can be custom created to cover part or all of your vehicle. Think of them as mobile billboards that you can’t miss when you’re in traffic. Best of all, they’re not permanent. It doesn’t cost much to put them on the exterior of your bus, and they can be safely and easily removed when you’re ready.

What Are They For?

Creating Brand Awareness

You can test out your company logo and get some brand recognition just by driving your usual routes. The more exposure your bus gets, the more your business will pop up in potential customers’ minds. Many people opt to combine custom paint with graphics to get the most appealing combination of specialty finishes and custom design.

Promoting a Special Event

You can advertise a seasonal sale, a concert series, your competitive pricing, or even a company milestone—because wraps are temporary, you can draw attention to short-term promotions without too much of a commitment.

Reaching a Target Audience

If you know exactly where to find a demographic, you can take your message straight to them. You’ll catch eyes around college campuses, urban centers, festivals, political events, or anywhere your customers are likely to be. It’s a proactive and even interactive way to advertise.

What’s the Quality Like?

Since the 80s when the price of vinyl wrapping became more accessible to smaller companies, technology has steadily improved its quality. Today, printers can produce high-resolution images as wide as 6 feet and as long as 150 feet.

How Are Wraps Applied?

Graphic designers who specialize in vinyl can work with you to create an advertisement or turn your ideas into a reality. The designer can ensure the image will successfully split into panels that can be applied to your bus one at a time, navigating bumps, grooves, and curves. The vinyl is then printed and laminated after a 24-hour drying period. Installation takes about two days by an experienced vinyl install professional. In the end, your wrap should appear as one seamless picture.

National Bus Sales, Inc. offers custom paint and vinyl bus wraps for new and used buses. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and have witnessed the benefits of vinyl wrapping your bus first-hand. Contact us to learn what mobile marketing can do for you.

Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison Marketing Director National Bus Sales

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