Must-Have Safety Features on School Buses

Must-Have Safety Features on School Buses
These must-have safety features on school buses make this the best way for kids to get to school, and technology promises even better systems for the future.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, students are 70 percent more likely to get to school safely on a school bus than by car. That statistic is the result of careful planning and cooperation between the government and school administrations. They’ve concluded that these must-have safety features on school buses provide the best ways to protect your children.

Increased Visibility

Buses are designed to stand out with a specific, unmistakable shade: National School Bus Glossy Yellow. They are equipped with flashing lights and a stop arm that swings out when students get on or off the bus. Schools can add more lights to loading and unloading areas, too.

High-Backed Seats

Large school buses have something better than seatbelts. Because they distribute crash forces differently than other vehicles, they rely on “compartmentalization.” Strong, well-anchored seats with cushioned, high backs are spaced closely to absorb any impact from accidents.

Advanced GPS

Schools can track buses to ensure they’re within the speed limits and approved boundaries of the area. This system also allows parents to see where a bus is on a route at any given moment.

Child Reminder Systems

When kids forget to get off at their stops or fall asleep in the back of the bus, an automated reminder prompts the drivers to inspect the bus before leaving.

CCTV Cameras

Video cameras give drivers a view of behaviors they’d otherwise miss and records the action for future reference. These cameras are a good deterrent for mischief and serve as useful documentation if teachers or principals ever need to review specific incidents.

Multiple Mirrors

The driver has the best possible view of everything inside the bus and out with a variety of cross-view mirrors.

Fire Extinguishers

Passengers can see where the fire extinguisher is installed near the driver. Some buses also have heat sensors that trigger an alarm when the temperature gets too high.

First-Aid Boxes

Drivers are trained in how to respond to medical emergencies and are equipped with regulation kits, so they can provide first-aid if necessary.

Emergency Windows and Roof Hatches

Passengers can open windows for fresh air and better ventilation, more importantly, they serve as Emergency exits. It is also important to ensure roof hatches are in good working order.

Multiple Exits

More than one exit can help students evacuate the school bus quickly if necessary. To make sure these doors do not endanger anyone, a monitoring system alerts drivers visually and audibly that a door has been opened.

Safety Locks

Rails help kids get on and off the bus and lock to ensure the doors won’t open while the school bus is moving.

New technology is always improving the must-have safety features on school buses, so these measures will only get more effective. The latest systems are available on both new and used buses, and at National Bus, we’re always happy to walk you through your customization options. Contact us for information on buses, shuttles, vans, and more; we can deliver anywhere in the country.

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