How UV Light Technology in Buses Improves Safety

It sounds too easy, but it’s true—light can kill viruses, and public buses are already using it to fight Coronavirus. Specifically, they use a form of ultraviolet light called UV-C to break up the outer layer of a virus, preventing it from functioning or reproducing.

As New York City pioneers the effort, the world is watching to see how UV light technology in buses improves safety. Germicidal UV-C like this has been used for decades in hospital and medical facilities to disinfect surfaces and kill viruses, including seasonal influenza and superbugs that have evolved to resist antibiotics. It won’t cure coronavirus, but UV-C can stop its spread and help flatten the curve.

Where It’s Happening

In May, New York City launched a program to more thoroughly clean its public buses at night, with 150 mobile devices and a $1 million price tag. Similar efforts have started in South Korea, and in Shanghai, China, robots are cleaning high-traffic spaces without operators.

The Science Behind It

UV rays can only kill viruses at specific wavelengths. Under the right conditions, UV-C can damage a virus’s DNA and its protein layer, so it can no longer attach to a host.

How It’s Used on New York City Buses

At the end of each day, the buses are exposed to a UV-C light source in a controlled virus for a few minutes. Humans can’t be present, as the rays can also cause cancer, and the devices need to be repositioned several times to be thorough. Workers can then sanitize the bus exteriors, as well as the interiors.

Sanitizing the Air

Covid-19 is transmitted primarily through air contamination, making surface disinfection with foggers and cleaners only moderately effective. According to several studies and a report published by the World Health Organization, an estimated 78-85 percent of infections occurred in highly dense areas, suggesting that aerosol transmission, or air contamination, was the main cause of infection.

O2 Fresh Technology Systems

Buses are unique, dense environments with limited space for available air, making it essential to sanitize the air in addition to the surfaces. National Bus purifies the air in its buses with the O2 Fresh Tech System. It uses the latest in air disinfection technology to prevent viruses from spreading by combining the power of UVGI with HEPA filtration.

Even though we’re seeing in real-time how UV light technology in buses improves safety, the technique needs to include air purification with the O2 Fresh Technology System in addition to surface disinfection. UV-C disinfecting devices are an option available on many new and used shuttle buses for sale at National Bus Sale. We can custom-fit buses with UV-C light and air purification systems that fit your needs. Learn more about O2 Fresh Technology System and contact us with any questions.

Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison Marketing Director National Bus Sales

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