Reasons To Rent Your Shuttle Buses

If your organization has been using shuttle buses more and more often, you’re probably wondering if you should just take the leap and buy your own. A large variety of groups rely on shuttles, and they all have different situations. Frequent rental fees can add up, so you should weigh the reasons to rent your shuttle buses against the possible benefits of owning your own. Here are a few things to consider.


If you find that renting shuttles is so convenient that you’re using them more, you’ll also notice that it can consume more of your budget. As your transportation needs change, make sure you keep an eye on the bottom line so that the costs of renting never outweigh the benefits. Consider whether it makes more sense for you to buy a shuttle instead.

When you’re crunching numbers, be sure to include any fees that can accompany ownership, such as maintenance, insurance, and fuel, or if you’ll need to pay for a sheltered place to park it. If buying a shuttle bus seems like too much of an investment, you may want to think about buying a pre-owned one—it can bring costs down to a much more manageable number. But if, after all that, you decide that stream-lined efficiency and convenience is worth more to you, then renting your shuttle bus is the way to go.


When you rent your shuttles, you pick them up, drop them off, and don’t give them another thought. Buying shuttles means that you’ll need to spend time making sure they’re well taken care of. How much time can you devote to keeping your shuttles spotless? When will you work in time for mechanics? Are you planning to do any of the maintenance yourself?

Don’t forget to factor in the time it takes to earn a Commercial Driver’s License, which is a requirement for any vehicle transporting more than 15 passengers. It takes preparation, and there’s a possibility that you may not pass both the written and driving exams the first time. You’ll probably want to recruit more commercially licensed drivers, too.

The Environment

To begin with, choosing to use a shuttle is a wise decision because it’s better for the environment than separate drivers in multiple cars. It’s one way to do your part to protect the earth. In addition, most shuttle buses have to meet higher regulation standards than cars, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

If you buy shuttle buses rather than rent them, though, you’ll find more reasons to use them. More use translates into more emissions. Globally, transportation accounts for about 25 percent of carbon dioxide emissions already. Make sure your carbon footprint doesn’t turn into a trail of gas.

National Bus Sales can help you examine the reasons to rent your shuttle buses or decide if it’s better to buy. We are reputable bus dealers with more than 30 years of experience, and we deliver nationally. If you’re looking to rent, lease, or buy a shuttle, contact us for more information.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis General Manager National Bus Sales

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