2018 Ultra Coachliner Special Edition

Built on the Freightliner M2 chassis the 2018 Ultra Coachliner has the Cummins engine connected to an Allison transmission,
aluminum alloy wheels, large luggage boxes and pass-through luggage compartment, rear door and automatic bumper step with backup camera and forward-facing camera, touch screen GPS with Bluetooth.

2018 Freightliner M2 NB Ultra Coachliner SE

Chassis: Freightliner M2
Body: NB Ultra Coachliner SE
Capacity: 51
Engine: 6.7L Cummins Diesel
Power: 300HP / 660 ft/lbs Torque
Transmission:  Allison Automatic 6 Speed PTS
Brakes: Air

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• Aircraft style window post cover treatment

• Folding armrests, cruise control, air breaks, dual rear wheels, daytime running lights, drive shaft guards, reliable automatic bi-fold entry door, backup alarm with camera

• Touch screen audio: Driver navigation system, DVD player with USB inputs & PA system with driver microphone

• Alternator: 300 Amp, programmable fast idle control

• Battery: Heavy duty chassis battery with additional battery

• Bumpers: Custom front bumper spoilers with fog lights

• Flooring: ALTRO transit wood pattern flooring, epoxy entire floor flame for rust prevention, 3/4 Honeycomb composite fiberglass floor (will never rot)

• HVAC: 205,000 Btu A/C System with blowers

• Dual 50 Gal fuel tanks, engine block heater, limited slip axle

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Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison Marketing Director National Bus Sales

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