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National Bus Sales...
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Have you been looking for used shuttle buses for sale in Missouri? We have just what you need. At National Bus Sales, we offer the best used shuttle buses in the country, period! You'll be able to find anything that you want here, including daycare buses, transit buses, ADA buses, non-CDL buses, and more.

You will find used shuttle buses from some of the biggest brands, like Krystal, Starcraft, Turtle Top, General Coach, Champion, Federal, and Glaval. We also offer new shuttle buses from Starcraft if you're looking for the latest models on the market. National Bus Sales has one of the largest shuttle bus inventories in the country. We constantly get new buses in to add to our lot. You're sure to find something here that you'll love.

If you are looking for new or used shuttle bus parts, we have access to everything you could possibly need. We have to keep a variety of parts on hand because we offer bus reconditioning services on used shuttle buses. We upgrade the drivetrain, paint, interior, and more on a used shuttle bus to make it look and feel band new. Reconditioning a used bus is much cheaper than buying a new shuttle bus outright. It's one of our most sought after services here at National Bus Sales.

Most of the shuttle buses we sell in Missouri come with a two or three year warranty, including the ones we recondition here at the shop. We offer several bus financing plans for most of our buses as well, so you can get the vehicle you need without having to pay for it all upfront.

Call National Bus Sales today or look at our used shuttle bus inventory online. If you find something you love, let us know so we can make it yours. Call 1.800.475.1439 and ask for the commercial department, ext. 319 or email to help find the right equipment for your organization.



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